Dog or No Dog?

This week I temporarily adopted a dog. By that I mean I’m dog-sitting, and by that I mean I get all the benefits of having a dog for one week, and then when the responsibilities start to add up I am relieved of my dog care duties. This is what’s happened so far: Ginger (the dog) alternated between jumping on my bed and scratching at the door to go outside at 3:00am until I finally let her outside. The next day Ginger and I tried to go for a walk. I say tried because we walked to the next door neighbor’s and Ginger turned around. Then there are the times when I’m sitting on the couch working and Ginger drops a toy at my feet, lays her head on my leg, and looks longingly at me until I play with her (which doesn’t take long because puppy eyes are irresistible).

Evidence of a failed walk

Evidence of a failed walk

Then I remember why I enjoy being home with Ginger. For example, she sits by me whenever I sit down on the couch, and I can always be sure to find her ready for a snuggle. She is intent on keeping me safe from visiting friends and geese alike. It never gets old that simply my entrance into the house makes Ginger’s tail wag. I have yet to find any person whose giddiness at seeing me emanates throughout his/her body. And I don’t expect to, for the record!

Though the temporary nature of dog-sitting sounds ideal, I already feel sad about leaving Ginger. My parents declared they will absolutely not gift me a dog for graduation, so this note is for everyone else… If you buy me a dog I will love you and be forever thankful for you! Just saying.