Month: January 2015

It’s Over

Post Super Bowl sadness enter… Now! Super Bowl Sunday is a day filled with football, commercials, friends, and food. Lots and lots of food when I’m around. Because really, what is a football game without friends and snacks? Way less fun is the answer.

Though a snackadium (Google it) surfaced a few times as a viable idea, I talked the kids and friends out of it in favor of other favorites. To clarify, yes, I did host this party with the kids, but I also invited my friends.

After much debate we decided on guacamole (duh!), bruschetta, bacon-wrapped dates, spinach and artichoke dip, and nachos with cupcakes and snickerdoodle cookies for dessert. And what’s a party without a signature drink? My best friend Sue made “fizzy punch” for the kids.



Now the fun is over, and I’m already thinking about the next party. You can never have too many parties


Weekend with Four

This weekend I play mom to four children. I’m on Friday at 12:30 through the Super Bowl on Sunday.

First, these kids are perfect, and I’ll be pleased if my kids behave half as well. Last night I told the boys they could play video games for ten minutes before they would set the table for dinner. The oldest said to me, “You’re like our mom.” Unsure how to interpret his response, I asked “Is that a good thing?” To which he offered an enthusiastic “Yes!” I’ll take that as a success.

After that episode we made pizza. Everyone chose their own toppings and made individual pizzas. You know what that means… No fights! Not that these kids fight. Ever. And don’t worry Mom, the kitchen is spotless post pizza!

On another note, both boys survived basketball games injury free! The family and I joked about the boys breaking bones under my watch. It was a funny joke until I considered what would actually happen if either broke his arm. True, a broken arm is manageable and it heals, but even more manageable would be NO BROKEN BONES! Alas, we’re clear there. I remember the last advice I received from the dad, “Everything is insured except the kids.” So far so good!

Becoming a Social Media Mom

I am a 21-year old homemaker. There, I said it. Baking brings me joy, you’re always welcome in my home, and I start each day with children. Photos of children I babysit fill my camera roll because they do something so cute or so silly I just cannot miss it!

Today I hit a milestone, acting in a way I never have before. I Instagrammed a photo of one of my kindergartners. A typically bouncing off the walls kind of kid, he paused to sit on the couch gazing out the window at the falling snow, and I was struck by his stillness. It’s crazy how a boy of five years reminds me of life’s greatest lessons.

I would like to say the social media expression was a one time occurrence, but I have this feeling the post marked the start of a new Instagram era. There are worse things.

What if I Don’t Want to Grow Up?

Last Saturday I attended the wedding of two  college friends, Mike and Melissa, and I realized something. I am a real life grown up. I tell myself I can’t really be an adult while still in college, but I believe I finally crossed the barrier into adulthood.

I often face this realization, but the wedding had me sure of my growing independence. Though the thought of marriage for myself makes me squirm, I beamed upon seeing Mike and Melissa newly married and joyously in love. Little compares to the happiness I saw in my friends that day, and I hope to remember their high spirits for many years.

I have this last semester of college to complete, so I suppose grown up life will seem even more real after its completion. Still, many moments cause me to realize my (dare I say?) maturity. Even if I don’t want to grow up, I am. Stay tuned for more adult life musings from Taylor!

Fajita Spice Mix

I cook Mexican food in phases. I’ll make salsa and guac a few nights in a row, then Salsa Chicken the next night, and eventually I get around to mojitos (which I learned to make with fake sugar simple syrup and they are AWESOME–way better than they sound). Then I remember how much I enjoy cooking Mexican! It’s easy, healthy, and people generally like it.

I think the spice is best rubbed on chicken right before cooking. Making the spice blend ahead sets you up for a quick and easy dinner.

Fajita Spice

2 tsp paprika

1 tsp cumin

1/2 tsp onion powder

1/2 tsp chili powder

1/2 tsp salt

Mix together all ingredients.

The Last Semester

Welcome to second semester senior year with Taylor. What does the welcome entail? Great question. First, I’m taking six credits, which means I have class exactly once a week on Monday night. That means I’ll have loads of time to cook, read for fun, work out, babysit, and pretty much do whatever comes up. I plan to devote a medium amount of time to school because with a part time class load I really should do well.

I completed all the credits I need to graduate last semester, so this spring I chose to take business classes. I figure more business knowledge can’t hurt. Since I’m still a student I continue living on campus with my best friends and all that, which makes me happy.

My cooking spree began over Christmas break when I served three course meals to my family. I had time and my parents’ food money, leaving no reason not to cook. Below is a list of a few recipes I found online, tried, and enjoyed.

Chili Soy Sauce Steamed Fish from Amazing Seafood Recipes

 Pan Seared Cauliflower Steaks from Love and Lemons

Chocolate Cake from Add a Pinch

For Christmas I got the best gift ever from my parents… A KITCHENAID MIXER! I still can’t believe it. The first time I asked for the mixer my dad said, “What are you, 45?” Thanks, Dad. Luckily he warmed up to the idea. I don’t think any other gift could make me happier. A new mixer most likely means more baking, so to my neighbors: stop by regularly.

Check back later this week for my new Fajita Spice recipe!

I used the Fajita Spice on chicken and topped with salsa last week

I used the Fajita Spice on chicken and topped with salsa last week