I’m Taylor. I’m 21 going on 45. Entertaining gives me more joy than anything else, I spend more time with elementary school children than my classmates, and I attend women’s Bible study on Tuesday nights. Despite my mother-like tendencies I am a college student studying communication. I love sharing cooking tips and life’s funny stories. Journey with me!



  1. So glad you have arrived safely! Can’t wait to hear about your adventure! Which Michael Kors purse do you have with you?

  2. Congratulations on your arrival. We are excited to follow your journey. Great pictures, praying for you to be transformed this semester. ENJOY!! Marsha and family

  3. Hi Taylor. I’m glad you returned safely. While food is a great topic, your March 1 article about statelessness interested me. Would it be possible to talk with you further?. You can respond to the provided email address.

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