How to Survive the Cold

It is so freaking cold. More accurately, we’ve been spoiled with a mild winter this year, so a slight temperature drop feels severe. Still, I say yesterday was cold.

Valentine’s Day is possibly the worst holiday to bring negative temperatures. Think about it, all those flowers that just can’t make it in the cold. I bet a fair share of well-intentioned men set out to buy flowers for loved ones only to find the gifts frozen and in decline upon arrival at home. It’s the thought that counts? I hope so anyway!

I happen to be with my family this weekend, and we share an understanding of a favored cold weather coping mechanism. When it’s too cold to go out, we might as well stay in and mix drinks. Up this weekend: the Moscow mule. The classic vodka, ginger beer, and lime concoction dates to the 1930s. The drink began humbly when a vodka sales rep and a ginger beer manufacturer met in a bar, where they wallowed in their struggling businesses. Suddenly an idea hit the businessmen, and they decided to create a cocktail. And there you have it, the Moscow mule. Whatever the story, the drink lives on in this Minnesota home.

I wish I could say more, but my only advice to survive in this terrible climate is to find a way to take your mind off it. It always (well usually) does the trick.