This afternoon…

This afternoon I’ll be onto bigger and better things (also known as spring break). This year my kind and loving family invited me on a cruise with them! That means nine days in the company of my parents and brother Andrew. Nine whole days of nothing but together time… However, in reality, I can’t wait to spend time with them! I learned to fully appreciate family vacations once I stopped living with my family. I miss them leading up to the trip, so I look forward to together time, and at the end of the trip when I’m tired of being together I go back to my house and they back to theirs. It’s perfect!

I imagine it now, the first day at sea. I’ll sleep in, and when I finally wake, I’ll step onto the balcony squinting at the sun and basking in the warmth. I’ll put my swim suit on right away, enjoy a buffet breakfast, and head straight to the pool with sunglasses and a good book. And there I will stay, replenished by the sun and any beverage that happens to come my way. Ahhhhh. Paradise.

That’s just day one!

But really, when you live in the freezing cold midwest, an annual warm weather vacation is necessary. I can’t wait!


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