What if I Don’t Want to Grow Up?

Last Saturday I attended the wedding of two  college friends, Mike and Melissa, and I realized something. I am a real life grown up. I tell myself I can’t really be an adult while still in college, but I believe I finally crossed the barrier into adulthood.

I often face this realization, but the wedding had me sure of my growing independence. Though the thought of marriage for myself makes me squirm, I beamed upon seeing Mike and Melissa newly married and joyously in love. Little compares to the happiness I saw in my friends that day, and I hope to remember their high spirits for many years.

I have this last semester of college to complete, so I suppose grown up life will seem even more real after its completion. Still, many moments cause me to realize my (dare I say?) maturity. Even if I don’t want to grow up, I am. Stay tuned for more adult life musings from Taylor!

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