For the Love of Families

“Hey kids, we have a surprise for you: we’re going on vacation!” always brought a smile to my face. I love family vacations. I had a friend in elementary school who spoke of forced family fun (FFF). Family vacations are filled with FFF. Despite a few bumps along the way, you’ll come out with memories and and a closer bond. 

I’d been wanting to spend more time with my host family, so when my host dad suggested we take an overnight trip, I responded with a clear “yes!” Then it was so. We drove an hour and a half to Cuenca, visited the cathedral, Antonio Pérez Foundation modern art museum and walked around the town. And we ate, of course. What are Spanish family vacations like, you ask? Well, exactly like family vacations in the United States. Everyone wants to do something different, so everyone compromises. We take a break when we start to get on each other’s nerves. A lot of FFF, and at the end, we have  stories!

Traveling with friends is great and all, but there is just something about being with a family. I’m thankful to have a host family willing to take me in!

Fundación Antonio Pérez

Fundación Antonio Pérez

Owner of La Bodeguilla de Basilio

Owner of La Bodeguilla de Basilio


Also this week, I went to see El Rey León (The Lion King sound more familiar?) at a theater in Madrid. Our seats were terrible. They were worse than you’re thinking right now. I leaned forward the entire show in order to see the stage, and even then it was a bit obstructed. Still, it was so good! I saw the show in the United States when I was younger, and this performance was every bit as moving as I remember. I’m not a crier, so I didn’t cry, but I got goose bumps during a few songs! The magic of Disney continues in Europe.

This weekend: biking along Madrid Rio and hiking in the mountains.


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