Although I prefer to stick to tales of galavanting around Spain, this week marks the third week of class.

Here’s how it works. I take the commuter train the Carlos III University. The train comes right to my house (yes, I’m spoiled), and it’s about a ten minute walk from the train station to campus. I’m taking five classes, all in Spanish. Four of them are with other international (mostly American) students, and one is with all Spanish students. My classes are Journalism, Spanish Language, Cultural Studies, Art History and Communication Theory. The very best thing about class in Madrid is I have Fridays off. Okay maybe there are other good things about class, too, but it’s up there.

My to do list of Spanish activities just will not stop growing. I want to do everything! I just bought tickets to see El Rey León (The Lion King) musical with a friend.

No Friday class leads me to my most exciting news this week: I’m going to paris on Friday. Approximately two days, 14 hours, 15 minutes and 32 seconds from right now. Not that I’m keeping track. Pictures and stories to follow!

I leave you with this picture.

My host mom bought these peppers at a market she visited. Aren't they pretty?

My host mom bought these peppers at a market she visited. Aren’t they pretty?


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